PSO1: The Programme is aimed towards building prospective career in the field of Information Technology and is designed with the objective to provide knowledge and skills in the various aspects of Information Technology and core programming.

PSO2: To prepare for advanced education in Information Technology and aim of the programme is to increase the number of skilled IT professionals and academicians.

PSO3: Students will be able to use the techniques, skills and modern hardware and software tools necessary for innovative software solutions. Student get ability to devise and conduct experiments, interpret data and provide well informed conclusions.

PSO4: Student will get skills to analyze a problem and identify and define the logical modeling of solution. PSO5: Student will be able to select modern computing tool and techniques and use them with dexterity.

PSO6: Understand topics of wide relevance including Internet and Web technologies, Bio Informatics and Wireless and mobile Communication.

PSO7: Gain knowledge of Programming languages and other areas that influence the subject area.

PSO8: The course offers contemporary and cutting edge topics such as: Specialization in Web Mining, Cloud Computing and Information Security with an end result of providing talented hands in the related fields

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