Programme Outcome (Mathematics)

Programme Outcome (Mathematics)

There are two levels of Programmes that we run in the Department of Mathematical Sciences: 

  1. Post Graduate Programmes                                                  
  2. Research Programmes.                                                                     

After a student completes a Post Graduate Program successfully form our department, we expect he/ or she 

  • PO1:  has understood the basic principles of learning of Mathematics.
  • PO2: has acquired sufficient knowledge of Mathematics, based on which he or she can learn further independently.
    PO3:understands the role of Mathematics in various branches of Science and Humanity.         
    PO4:  has all the basics covered that are required to handle National and State Level Eligibility tests(NET/ SET).
  • PO5: has developed good communication skills.
  • PO6: has acquired some computer related skills and has a sound knowledge of MATLAB, LATEX and SPSS.
  • PO8: has learned fundamental techniques involved in  core courses of Mathematics, based on which he or she can contribute towards the creation of new knowledge, of international standards,  in a specific areas of his/ her interest.
  • PO9: can contribute in transferring of of knowledge the younger generation.    

After a student completes a Research Program successfully form our department, we expect, in addition to the above mentioned points,  he/ or she

  • PO10:  has understood the basic ethics of doing quality research.
  • PO11:  has a fair understanding of current potential research areas. has a fair knowledge of Plagiarism so that he or she may not get involved in any kind of embarrassing situation.
  • PO12:  has understood the importance of interdisciplinary research.    
  • PO13: has understood his/ her role for the development of the society.

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