Vision and Mission (Physics)

Vision and Mission (Physics)


To become a premier institution, that ignites and promotes enthusiasm among young minds and brings out their potentiality. The Department eventually aims to establish itself as a centre of excellence for learning and creating knowledge through dedicated teaching and research in the thrust areas of physics & interdisciplinary science. Not only scientific traditions attached importance to, but also social, democratic and ethical values. Department aims at projecting the scientific and technological developments to the society, bring up its students as educated individuals who are adeptly equipped for the life and able to help in transforming the world.


  • 1. To develop state of the art infrastructure for learning, teaching and research
  • 2. To expand and promote scientific awareness and collaborative research in interdisciplinary science.
  • 3. To produce best quality Post Graduates and Ph.D. students.
  • 4. To develop an institution suitably best for research in the area of Material Science, Nuclear Physics and Condensed Matter Physics.
  • 5. To develop strategy for continuous development of the Department.
  • 6. To have best faculty members with diverse research knowledge.
  • 7. To make the Department vibrant in interdisciplinary activities for problem solving.

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