BGSBU has a Proctorial system where ad

  • A Student can lodge complaint in the office of any of the authority of BGSBU including Chief Proctor/HoD.Chief Warden etc.
  • After reciept of a complaint it is scrutinized by the chief Proctor and he is empowered to take necessary action against the accused as per "BGSBU Rules and Regulations for students".

ministration of student related matters pertaining to all acts of indiscipline are delegated to the Proctorial Board. BGSBU Proctorial Board is chiefly responsible for ensuring that rules and regulation framed by Institute are being followed by the students. Dr. Pervez Alam is the Chief Proctor of BGSBU Proctorial Board.Some Specific responsiblities of the Proctorial Board are as follows


1. To maintain discipline in the Institute; ensure Institue rules are understood and followed;
2. To keep an eye on the general moral behavior of the students.
3. To prevent student from indulging in any political activities on Institute premises.

Causes of Indiscipline or indecent behavior  of any student, cases of indiv...

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